Our Views

The Conservative Monday Club is a group of members and supporters of the Conservative and Unionist Party.

The Club was formed to promote traditional conservative values and is dedicated to:-

The Economy

The Club believes in the promotion of industry throughout the United Kingdom to encourage growth, a sound ecomony and employment.

We support the creation of a national investment bank which will help to support home-grown industries to develop in a sustainable way.

Far greater attention must be given to the commercialisation of cutting edge research/inovation emerging from British universities and advanced institutes.

We strongly support a global Britain and the expansion of our trade and contacts across the world with emphasis on the Commonwealth.

Law and Order

The Club seeks the UK’s immediate withdrawal from the European Court of Human Rights in favour of the introduction of a British Bill of Rights.

The Club would welcome and firmly support a continual zero tolerance campaign by the police as most minor crimes, if unchecked, become the forerunner to more serious offences.

Those who commit crimes within four years of their arrival in the UK should be denied British citizenship and immediately deported following the completion of their sentence.


We advocate a simplified, but rigorous, primary curriculum which focuses on developing core skills.

Our historical sense of identity and national pride in our country’s heritage must be fostered, taught and passed on to future generations by professional and qualified teachers.

High standards in education and discipline are best served by more variety, extending parental choice and rewarding capable educators whilst eliminating waste. We advocate syllabuses which equip pupils for the changing needs of Society; the apprenticeship systems within industries must be re-established as a priority.

There needs to be far greater investment in technical and vocational education alternatives to university.

We support the gradual abolition of university tuition fees in STEM subjects, medicine and nursing, and their replacement with competitive sector-based scholarships.

The Club affirms the belief that children should be taught the elements of the Christian Faith, which is the foundation of the nation and our heritage, whilst also being tolerant of other religions.

Student Unions should be funded entirely through subscription and not via the public purse.


The Club believes it is paramount that the Government maintains a highly efficient and modern defence force. In order to deliver this, we believe that defence expenditure should be set at a minimum of 3% of GDP per annum.

The calculation of defence expenditure should not include the funding for operations of a non-military nature e.g. humanitarian relief or disaster assistance.

Foreign Affairs

We reject the notion of liberal interventionism as a legitimate policy response. Democracy can never be ‘bombed into’ a country. Promoting internal reform must always take precedence.

British foreign policy should actively promote British power and influence and have good relations with all foreign countries which support our interests and the rights of the United Kingdom and its subjects, throughout the world.

Arbitrary target of spending 0.7% on foreign aid ought to be scrapped and the responsibilities of the Department for International Development split between the Foreign Office and Department for International Trade.

Establishing the principle that the goal of international development is to create self-sustaining futures around the world and not a culture of aid-dependency.


High taxation always undermines national prosperity, incentives for enterprise, work and competition.

Capital Gains Tax, Corporation Tax and Inheritance Tax must be reduced.

We should move towards a far more simplified system of taxation in order to drive down red-tape and costly administrative structures.

Freedom and Democracy

The Conservative Monday Club will continue to lobby hard to ensure that the majority decision of the British people to leave the European Union is delivered in full.

The anniversary of Britain’s decision to leave the European Union should be honoured as a national day of celebration.

Health and Social Welfare

We believe in the complete integration of health and social care in order to ensure greater efficiency and delivery of care.
We need a comprehensive overhaul of the organisation of the National Health Service in order to identify and rationalise its bureaucratic structure so that vital funds can be redirected into primary care.

Social welfare must be targeted only at those in the greatest of need and every effort must be taken to stop state aid to those who are not entitled to it.

Constitutional Reform

We believe that the House of Lords should remain as an appointed second chamber but the system for appointments should be reformed.

Political nominations should be limited in number. A minimum amount of attendance time should be set for ‘Working Peers’ before they qualify for an allowance. Non-attendance after a certain period should lead to the automatic removal of a Peer’s right to sit in the Lords.

We reject any system of proportional representation, in the belief that it is even less representative of public opinion than the existing system.

The Conservative Monday Club, PO Box 7694, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, CM23 3XR