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Uncategorised - September 2022

A sad, sad day for our Nation and the Commonwealth

The President, Chairman and members of the Executive Council of the Conservative Monday Club express their sincere condolences to King Charles III and members of the Royal Family and share in their grief at the very sad loss of Queen Elizabeth II who died yesterday.

The Queen's long reign spanned many generations; indeed, many people have only known the late Queen Elizabeth as the head of our monarchy. To them, she was THE QUEEN - their QUEEN. Throughout the world people only thought of one QUEEN.

From today, life will be very different as we all mourn the death of Her Majesty. As we grieve, we will, however, never forget her lifelong unstinting duty and service to the nation; coupled with her inspiring leadership, dignity and decency in public life. Her genuine warmth and her ability to put people at ease from Presidents to her devoted subjects.

There is no doubt that she will be remembered as the finest Monarch in history. She reigned with compassion and an enduring commitment to dedicate her whole life to her country. In this, she never waivered. With her death, her work is now done, leaving our world a poorer place for her passing. She will never be forgotten and now, Your Majesty, rest in peace.

The Conservative Monday Club mourns the death of our Queen and will henceforth support in every way our new Head of State, King Charles III. With his many years of public service as the Prince of Wales, King Charles III will undoubtedly continue to offer inspiration and stability to this nation and the countries of the Commonwealth.

As the eldest son of our late Queen, we again offer him every support and our deepest sympathy for his sad loss.

Martin H. Pritchard
Publications Editor

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