Back to the 1970s “Dark Ages”

Thursday June 1, 2017


The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland can be a pretty bleak place to live in when the weather is damp and cold in the months of November, December and January.

In November, 1973; when Edward Heath was Prime Minister, the miners and electrical workers began an overtime ban.

Their actions almost shut down the country, with power cuts three days a week; a speed limit of 50mph to save fuel; heating limited to 63F-17C and petrol rationing.

As members of the Conservative Monday Club may recall, Mr Jeremy Corbin’s career was highlighted in a previous newsletter, but it’s worth recalling that, after leaving North London Polytechnic, his first employment was as an official with the National Union of Public Employees, followed by a position with the Amalgamated Engineering and Electrical Union and then National Union of Tailors and Garment Makers. Prior to him becoming Labour MP for Islington North, he was employed by Haringey Council.

Mr Corbyn has stated that, should he become Prime Minister, he would take private rail and energy companies back into public ownership. He further added that he would give union militants the right to “determine the agenda” of companies that they work for, under Labour plans to rip up anti-strike laws and bring back flying pickets.

Tory minister, Priti Patel, said, “Jeremy Corbyn wants to let his union paymasters run riot, dragging Britain back into the 1970s.”

“Give the Prime Minister Theresa May a strong mandate in the Brexit talks ahead to build on everything her Party has achieved.”

All the efforts that have been made to bring prosperity to this country would be negated should Mr Corbyn’s Marxist ideas be put into practice – wiping out all the economic progress of decades at a stroke.

Should voters at the next General Election forget, this is the man who is still a member of CND, wants to scrap Trident, and invited Gerry Adams and other members of Sinn Fein to Parliament in 1984, only weeks after the IRA had killed 5 people in the Brighton Hotel bombing.

He believes that the United Kingdom should no longer be part of NATO and wants a United Ireland with the abolition of the border between the North and the South.

Mr Corbyn is a candidate who will wreck the country; and by that I mean:

Economically – with businesses and essential services crippled as a result of his union comrades striking and bringing the infrastructure to a standstill; as happened when another Labour member became Prime Minister – Harold Wilson.

No doubt Mr Corbyn will raise the top rate of income tax to some crippling percentage thereby resulting in a mass exodus of tax payers from this county as happened in the 1960.

Mr Corbyn has stated that he hates the rich (he once said this meant anyone earning over £100k pa). As a Marxist comrade, he would say that – he (and many of his fellow travellers) has no conception of how commerce or industry operates whether it be an independent shopkeeper or a corporate giant.

Many staunch socialist left-wing Labour voters believe all the money to pay for social services comes from the government. They have no idea that the government doesn’t manufacture money – they spend the money they receive from taxpayers, whether individuals or large corporations (whose contributions are significant to the running of the country).

A breakdown in law and order – particularly the country’s security services ability and resources to combat terrorism.

This is the individual who has openly supported terrorists from the IRA to Hamas and Hezbollah, and is blatantly dishonest to claim that his only motive has been to secure peace. He has befriended some of the world’s most evil terrorists who share one common factor: they hate Britain and our way of life.

Appearing on television, Mr Corbyn condemned the terrorist attack in Manchester which killed 22 people and seriously injured many others, yet in the same breath, blamed the Government’s overseas policy for the dreadful event.

Foreign Secretary, Mr Boris Johnson, condemned Mr Corbyn for using the murder of 22 people for political gain. “It is absolutely extraordinary and inexplicable in this week of all weeks that there should be any attempt to justify or to legitimise the actions of terrorists in this way.”

Mr Corbyn, as we know, befriends terrorists but he certainly doesn’t befriend what he calls “wealthier families”. He has not admitted that, if elected, he will scrap the Conservative plans to raise the inheritance tax threshold to £1 million. Instead, he will reduce it from £850,000 to £650,000. The Conservatives claim that Labour has secret plans to reduce it even further to £45,000 – a claim that they deny.

As anyone who has resided in London knows, because of rising prices over the last thirty years, a house purchased for £250,000, or less, could easily be worth well over £1million in many suburbs of Greater London and the Home counties.

The purchasers of such properties may well intend to leave the home to their children which, under Mr Corbyn’s proposals to lower the inheritance tax, would give them a massive 40% tax bill, probably forcing them to sell the property to pay the tax.

Mr Corbyn denies that he is wealthy despite a total salary of £137,000pa and, because of his 33 years’ service as an MP, a gold-plated pension of £50,000pa. Average UK income is £26,000pa.

Finally, if, after reviewing Mr Corbyn’s Marxist proposals to finally demolish this country, anybody has any doubts as to the unsuitability of him becoming its leader, he has now confirmed that he is discussing plans to relax rules on asylum, make it easier for migrants’ families to settle in Britain and throw open our borders to low and unskilled workers, not just from the EU but from the rest of the world. Karl Marx would be proud of him.

For the sake of the majority of British people from all sectors of society, let us hope and pray that they see through the charade and lies perpetrated by this man and, on polling day, show their approval of and give the Prime Minister, Theresa May, a strong mandate in the Brexit talks ahead to build on everything her Party has achieved.

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